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Phone Interpreting

Bullseye Translation offers professional telephone interpreting services in all main languages. We work with hospitals, clinics, private doctor practices, law firms, courts and businesses. Speaking your clients language means customer retention and further expansion of your clientele.

Telephone interpreting is convenient for short appointments, whenever there is no need for an actual interpreter to be physically present at your appointment or meeting. Telephone interpreting can be provided as a single appointment arrangement or on-demand by special contract with Bullseye Translation. If you are interested in discussing on-going business opportunities, Please call (925)998-8961 or e-mail

For one-time call:

E-mail or call us to set up date and time of your call.

At the scheduled time a telephone interpreter will first call you, then the second party. Once you are all on the line, call is activated and you can talk with the help of the interpreter. Countdown starts only when the called party, the interpreter and you are connected.

You can always refill your account by submitting your next order. And if your call was shorter than expected, you can use up your minutes next time or request a refund.

Bullseye Translation provides phone interpreting services at competitive prices. Our telephone interpreting fees are charged on a per minute basis, rounded up to the next minute.

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